Fast Times at ASW3


There were 60+ ideas pitched on Friday night at Atlanta Startup Weekend. 44 hours later it’s Sunday afternoon and there are about 14 projects being worked on right now. One of the projects that has been at the top of the list from the beginning is Touchdown Nation. (This is a likely result of it being football season and we’re in the Southeast.) We started out as Football Nation, but that was taken. Don’t worry! That did not deter us! A group of developers has been coding and creating statistical models late into the night and (relatively) early in the morning. Our awesome designer has been in the corner drawing some of the best graphics on the Facebook platform. We’re into testing now and marketing is working on copy throughout the game as well as Facebook advertising. (Join the fan club!)

What an experience! The brainpower and creativity in the room has been almost overwhelming. Debates were practical and volunteers plentiful. Good attitudes. No, take that back – great attitudes. And now the clock is running down. We’ll have a demo ready by 6:00 pm. It remains to be seen if the work will continue tomorrow. However, judging from the willingness of everyone to pitch in $10 to buy Facebook ads, continuing support and development for the project is highly likely. More than highly likely. Can’t wait to see what other projects are going to demo and even continue after tonight!

Touchdown Nation Game Play

Touchdown Nation Game Play

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We’re changing the world: Facebook? Oh, that place where you play football.