We’re BACK!


After a one year hiatus with StartAtlanta, Atlanta Startup Weekend is BACK.  It will take place on April 20-22, 2012.  You can join us by hitting the “GET A TICKET NOW” button above.  Some more details are below.  More to come.

Atlanta Startup Weekend officially starts Friday night at 6pm. If you want to come earlier to hang out and help out that would be much appreciated. Presentations start at 7:00pm sharp. It ends when we have the concepts and teams selected.  Teams tend to go off and plan the rest of the weekend on Friday night.  Many stay until midnight.

Saturday is 9am – 9pm

Sunday is 9am- 9pm

You may come and go as you wish.  We won’t chain you down unless you like that.

Food & Drink
Dinner is being provided on Friday night.
Light breakfast, lunch and dinner are being provided Saturday and Sunday.
Beverages are being provided throughout the weekend.  Specific requests are welcome.

A veggie friendly option will always be offered.

75 Fifth Street
Hodges Room Suite 335
Atlanta, GA 30308

Here’s a map and directions.

Marta stop at 10th is a nice short safe walk.

You used to be able to park in the Centergy parking lot for a fee.

Dress Code
You have to be dressed.

You might want to wear layers, the rooms tends to heat up with lots of people in them and cool down with fewer.

Stuff We Need
Wireless routers seem to help quite a bit. The wireless APs can get overwhelmed with a group this large.

An iPod stereo or two would be nice.

Smart people with good attitudes that are open to new experiences are once again required this year.

P.S. 90% of this post was plagiarized from the post from 2 years ago.  :-)