Announcing Our Local Sponsors


The Organizing Team has been working diligently to plan & market the BEST Atlanta StartupWeekend ever.  It amazes me the time and cost of pulling an event like this together.  As I plan a LOT of events, this should not be so…. but, it is.

Like most of our Startup related events, this event would NOT be possible without the financial support from Sponsors.  The depth of their contributions on a monetary and contribution scale continues to amaze me despite having run a sponsor driven non-profit organization for the last 3 years.

This Spring’s Atlanta Startup Weekend Sponsors Are:

DOUBLE PLATINUM SPONSOR – Yup, you read that right. DOUBLE


Our GOLD Sponsors:


Our SILVER Sponsor:

Siavage Law Group

We’re still hoping for more sponsors to defray the cost and pay for COOL prizes.  But, the ones we have are pretty amazing.  Please support their businesses.