Pitch Perfect!


We’re almost there. A little over 24 hours away from the big weekend. If you’re pitching an idea… you might be getting nervous, or you just might be wondering how all this is going to work… This post is for YOU!!

I expect we will hear about 30 ideas and we will only have the capacity to actually move forward on 10-15 ideas.  So, we will have to cut some ideas.  Each person with an idea, will get to pitch their idea, will get some time to one-on-one recruit and/or answer questions, and then we will VOTE.  The people that convince the most people to join their team will get their projects built.  Entrepreneurship is a team sport.

Pitch Details

  • 60 seconds
  • No Slides.
  • Include who you are, what problem you are solving, how you will solve it, what you need (resources/team members)
  • Props are awesome!

You can only pitch ideas that are at the idea stage, if you already have a prototype – no go.  You can have sketches, diagrams, outlines, etc.

You can only pitch one idea – so pick your BEST!

If you aren’t selected, join another team and build relationships!  It’s not about the idea, it’s about the experience.  The designer or engineer you meet this weekend, may choose to work with you in the future on one of your ideas!

If you aren’t selected, and choose not to join another team, you can work on your idea; but, we have a minimum of 2 people on a team for the judging on Sunday night.

Tips for you Pitch

  • Make it memorable. We’ll be hearing a lot of pitches.
  • Know what talent / skills you need.
  • Be clear and concise.
  • Use plain english – minimize jargon.
  • Have fun!!